The Virimoa Property (Firesteel 100%) is composed of the 164 hectare Gladys Exploration Concession. This Concession was acquired outright from the owner through the payment of US$10,000.

It is located in the state of Durango, about 225 kilometers northwest of the capital city of Durango. Canalas, the nearest town to the property, can be reached from Durango in about eight hours. The roads are paved to within 35 kilometers of Canalas.Canalas can also be reached by air from Culiacan in the neighbouring state of Sinaloa. Daily flights in a two-engine Cessna take about one-hour. Virimoa is located about 15 kilometers from Canalas along a poor, four-wheel drive road. Travel time along this road is about one hour. The area is characterized by moderately rolling hills drained by several small seasonal streams. The very small village (20 homes) of Virimoa is situated just to the northwest of the property.  


Virimoa Property